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Al-Abbas Group
Al-Murtaza Machinery TPl Security Client
Al-Murtaza Machinery Co. (Pvt) Ltd.
TCS Express & Logistics TPL Security Services Client
TCS Express & Logistics
TRG Tech TPL Security Client.
Connect Communications TPL Security Client
Connect Communication
Gudia TPL Security Client
Gudia (Pvt) Ltd.
Gulf Maritime Services TPL Security Client
Gulf Maritime
Services (Pvt) Ltd.
Habib ADM TPL Security Client
Habib ADM (Pvt) Ltd.
IFG TPL Security Client
IFG (Pvt) Ltd.
TPL Trakker Security Client.
TPL Trakker Ltd.

Code of conduct between Client and TPL Security Services (Pvt) Ltd.

Salient features of criteria for selection of security guards for client are as under:-

  1. Security Company will provide the information in respect of each security guard as mention below at the time of employment.
    • Name
    • Father’s Name
    • Permanent and Temporary Address
    • Education
    • Height
    • Medical Category A
    • Eye Sight
    • Copy of CINC
    • Verification of Guard through CNIC from Nadra
  2. Whenever Security Company has to change the security guard due to any plausible reason, proper intimation will be made to the concern officer in-charge immediately.
  3. Security guard having disciplinary problems not to be employed.
  4. Armed guards will carry their weapons and license’s on person all the time while on duty.
  5. The company designed dress code for all our security personnel.
  6. Our uniforms are provided as per the climactic conditions.
  7. The guards will wear uniforms and badges provided by the company at all times.
  8. Security label cards will be returned to the person in-charge after shift hours.
  9. There will be daily briefing session of all guards by the supervisory staff.
  10. Place will be left only after relief.
  11. In case of any emergency / happening will report to concerned official at priority.

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