Security Guards

Static Security Guards

Our static security guards are trained to perform security duties such as patrolling grounds, checking the entry and exit points, monitoring CCTV, maintaining visitor logs, and ensuring the safety of the clients. As per our security protocol, all the security guards undergo an extensive background check and are verified through police and army regimental centres.

Female Searchers

Our female searchers are efficiently trained in every aspect of security. There is a high demand for female security searchers in hospitals, corporate offices, and shopping complexes to provide a sense of security for women.

Ex-SSG Commandos Static Guarding and CPO Service

The Ex-SSG Commandos are superlative to Static guards & CPOs (Close Protection Officers) as they are considered one of the most competent wings in the world. Our Ex-SSG commandos are highly trained by the Pakistan Army to handle all kinds of situations, making use of professional skills and tactical training.

The teams include:

  • Security Escort Commanders
  • Retired SSG Personnel
  • Armed Mobile Security Escort Guards