Security Services

Security Escort Services

We provide our customers with Security Escort/Protocol services to escort them to meetings and VIP parties at various locations, such as airports or hotels. These specialized escorts come with armed protection and logistics.

  • Security Escort Vehicle Services: All of our security escort vehicles are fully equipped in accordance with the present trends and legislation. Our security escort drivers are fully-trained to navigate vehicles in precarious situations.
  • Pick-and-Drop Security Escort: We offer pick-and-drop vehicles for students, guests and office staff to travel from one location to another, ensuring safety even during night hours.
  • Bullet-Proof Security Escort Vehicles: Our security escort vehicles have bulletproof glass, enhanced suspension, and armoured plates that can protect riders and drivers in nearly any hostile situation.

Bouncer Security Services

Managing crisis situations and pacifying the crowd lies at the core of event security. All our security personnel undergo stringent training both in handling complex security equipment and ever-growing complex security conditions in a metropolis like Karachi.

Our fully trained bouncers are able to manage
the following:

  • Violent Crowds
  • Property Damages
  • Unexpected Situations
  • Guest Identity Checks

Event Management Security

TPL Security Services provides monitoring and surveillance of private and corporate events all in line with industry-leading security practices.

We provide security at:

  • Corporate Events
  • Private Events | Parties
  • Concerts
  • Company AGMs

Our event management security teams are highly skilled in:

  1. Inspecting clients’ identification to discern their legal capacity
  2. Reviewing mental fitness and outward appearances to gauge prospetive clients’ eligibility
  3. Furnishing clients with wrist stamps, bands, or ticket stubs to denote their rightful admission
  4. Steering clients to accessible amenities
  5. Escorting rowdy clients off the premises

Employee Verification and Background Check

Hiring new employees can be very expensive if done incorrectly. To minimize the risk of bad hires and identify the best candidates possible, we help employers make background checks on candidates before hiring them.

We provide:

  • Education Background Check
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Previous Company Background Check

Security Assessment and Planning

We devise customized security assessment profiles to satisfy each organization’s security needs including the selection of assessment methods and objects, the procedures to be used for each control, and assigned depth and coverage attributes.

Our Security Assessment Includes:

  • Determining a set of security controls
  • Selecting the appropriate assessment procedures within the scope of each organization
  • Documenting resource requirements and anticipating the time to complete the assessment
  • Developing additional assessment procedures to address any security controls outside
  • Finalizing the assessment plan and obtaining the necessary approvals to execute the security control assessment according to the plan